Thursday, May 26

Got the Braids Itch

 Summer is almost here and one of my most visited styles are single braids.
I used to do these at least once a year, to get a break from daily styling, and I think it's that time of the year to do them again.
The only issue is that last year when I did them, the longest I would keep them in,was 3 weeks.
I always do them myself, so the only thing wasted is time.... but I'm wondering if it's worth it.
Retaining length is so easy for me when in braids, so I'm about 90% sure I'll do them...I even set a date, July 1st, which I'll be 8 weeks post.
So..we'll see.

One style I am considering are Senegalese Twists. I have never done these before, but I watched some you-tube videos and they don't seem too difficult. I will probably practice doing a few before I commit to doing my whole head...


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