Friday, May 27

Self- Relaxer Tips

So...I completely forgot to do a follow-up relaxer post and decided instead of doing that, I will offer some helpful tips. Most of these I followed during my relaxer process.
I used ORS Lye Relaxer in Normal

First thing you should always do if you're self relaxing is CHECK THE WATER IN YOUR HOUSE TO MAKE SURE IT"S WORKING PROPERLY! hahaha.
Okay, after watching Malcolm X, I have the biggest fear that my water will not work and I would have to stick my head in a toilet to get the relaxer out. Sounds crazy, right? Well I still check the water to make sure its working as it should.

1.) Base Scalp- Sounds like a duh kind of thing, right? But some people still don't do it. No matter if the relaxer says "No Base" or not, a base is needed. This is a VERY harsh chemical that should not be directly touching your scalp and if it does, that's what a base is for.  I used plain ol' Vaseline.

2.) Do Perimeter LAST- I always relax my edges and nape last because those are the most sensitive areas of my head. That goes for most people. If you have issues with your edges and nape could be due to over processing. So...relax those areas last if at all.

3.) Oil Already Relaxed Ends- To prevent Over processing, it's best to oil your already relaxed ends. I used Castor Oil which is one of the thickest oils I know

4.) Always do a Mid-Step Protein Treatment- After Rinsing out the relaxer, you should do a 2 minute Protein Treatment to replenish lost protein during the relaxer process. You will notice your hair becomes immediately stronger and you may not even get that "thin relaxed look" right after your relaxer

5.) Be sure to PROPERLY Neutralize- Neutralizing is the most important step because you are able to get ALL the relaxer out of your hair.  After my mid step protein treatment, I rinsed with Neutralizer twice, then I covered my hair with Neutralizer and kept that in for about 6 minutes, rinsed again.
Getting a color activated neutralizer may be best for those who aren't sure.

6.) Lye or No Lye?- Check out this post to see the pros and cons of each relaxer. I use Lye. My hair is a lot less dry afterwards and I do not need a chelating shampoo to remove the calcium buildup a No-Lye Relaxer leaves behind.

Few other tips

Stay on time!- The recommended processing times are there for a reason. Set a timer and work as fast and efficiently as possible

Enlist Help- If you don't think you can do it yourself, either go to a trusted beautician or have someone close to you(that can follow directions) help you out

Add Oils or Protein to Relaxer- This helps slow down processing time and  somewhat prevents overprocessing. I had the relaxer in my hair for 25 minutes and it still did not get bone straight, which is great. I used Silk Amino Acids and added a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

**** Please note I am NOT a licensed beautician, just offering advice based on my own personal experience.
Relaxers are harsh chemicals so if you ARE NOT comfortable doing your own relaxer, please visit a licensed beautician to do so!! ***

Have any other tips??? List them in the comments section

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  1. About how much silk and EVOO did you add?

  2. I added 1 tble spoon of Silk Amino Acid and a half table spoon of EVOO. If I didn't add the SAA I would have put 1 table spoon of EVOO.

  3. The tip about making sure the water is working properly is a very good and important one. I had an incident with the water not working,they were working on the water pipes here and didn't send out notices letting tenants know. Luckily I had rinsed the relaxer out and had neutralizing shampoo in my hair at the time the water dwindled down to nothing. I called management, had to wait 1 1/2 hours till they cut water back on. Thankfully, no damage was done to my hair.

  4. Wooow, that's scary. Thankfully you didn't experience Damage! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi,this is aa wonderfully helpful post! I have castor oil & coconut oil,which one & how much should I use to mix in the relaxer please?

    1. Hello, thank you!

      I would use coconut oil and to be safe, only put about 2 teaspoons in the relaxer.

      Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, so I feel as if its the healthier option


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