Monday, May 16

Sharpening Hair Shears with Aluminum Foil

I will be trimming my hair soon and was contemplating purchasing a new pair of Shears.
I purchased the shears I currently own last July I believe, but because I dust often, I was wondering if they may be dull.
The last time I trimmed a half inch to 1 inch was in January and even with all these protective styles and ends didn't maintain as well as I thought they should. Could they be the Shears?

Now we all know..cutting hair with a dull pair of Shears is just as bad as not trimming at all. They can cause hair to split just as fast.

So, I was looking up ways to sharpen shears on-line. There are many different methods and techniques, such as using whetstone, sand paper or even going to a local Fabric Store and asking them to sharpen it.

But the method of sharpening with Aluminum foil stood out to me and I did that over the weekend.

I used the same method outlined below and tested the "sharpness" on shed hair. The freshly sharpened Shears seemed to do the job, so I continued to "search & destroy" any split ends I saw.
I will do my real trim soon. (still not sure if I'll do it myself or buy a crea-clip and have someone do it for me)

Sharpening Hair Shears with Aluminum Foil

  • Tear off a six inch piece of aluminum foil and fold.
  • Fold over (as if you were making a paper fan) the piece of foil several times until the foil is thick.
  • Cut along the longest edge of the foil with the scissors that need to be sharpened. Cut several times through the thick foil. If you need to have the tip of the scissors sharpened, snip the foil with the tip of the scissors. Test on a piece of felt or thread. Repeat if necessary

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  1. I swear we are hair twins! I was having the same issue yesterday wondering if the scissors my stylists used to cut my hair last week were dull because my ends were looking frayed and fuzzy already (I was not happy!). I was tempted to cut another quarter inch myself, but thankfully I resisted and just planned to deep condition last night instead. After I did some reading yesterday I figured out that my ends were probably just really porous and that was causing the fraying fuzziness. I used an ACV rinse, Porosity Control and did my final rinse with bottled water (we have really hard water) and today my ends look much better. Now that you're going to be using PC again on a regular basis you'll probably see an improvement. I am going to try that aluminum foil thing though, its always good to have sharp sciossors on stand by. :)

  2. @MrsT- Thank goodness you figured out it was porosity issues and you didn't need a second trim! I hope I see improvement!

    I'm glad that I have a hair twin out there..haha..we can learn from each other!


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