Monday, May 16

Going Back... what I loved!
The first year of my hair journey, my products remained consistent and I actually found a few products that worked really well for me.
BUT, me being me, I thought I could find products that were better.
I did find some new products that I did like..but nothing beats what I used to use!

SO, the first product that I absolutely LOVED and don't know why I strayed away from, is the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. It has the perfect balance of moisture and protein and ALWAYS made my hair feel soft, well conditioned and a little bit stronger after rinsing out and for days leading to my next wash.
I still like the Aubrey Organics WC, but with this..I just can't go wrong.
Going forward, I will use this as my DC only. And the remainder of my other DC will be used only after Henna Treatments.

The next product is Roux Porosity Control. I used to use this once a week for a year, but when I started doing ACV rinses, I stopped. Porosity control, as most of you know, helps bring the PH of your hair back to a normal level. If you are having issues with retaining moisture or if your hair dry's super fast after washing, this is something you should look in to.
Anyway, I am now using this as a final rinse after 1 weekly co-wash and on Wash Day.

The last product is Roux Mendex. I used this ALL the time..but once again, I stopped for some reason. It is said to make hair strong and "mend" split ends which we all know can't be done. BUT it sure does make my hair strong. This is a light protein treatment that can be left on hair for one minute(then rinsed out) or for damaged hair, 10 minutes with a plastic cap(then rinsed out). I do the 1 minute way and use this on wash day.
My hair is NOT afraid of protein and this light protein treatment is perfect for me. I'm not sure how often I will use this, but I'll keep ya'll posted.

Sally's had a BOGO sale on Roux products, so I bought them both for $12.99 total.
I originally purchased these products for Relaxer Day, which I did use them then, but I am keeping these in my weekly rotation.


  1. Since you're going back to Porosity Control are you giving up ACV rinses?

  2. @ MrsT- for now, I am going to stick to just Porosity Control and maybe once a month do an ACV rinse. I do feel like ACV rinses also "clean" my scalp and hair, but I want to see if my hair reacts differently without doing them before incorporating it back in my regimen.

    BTW- I meant to comment on your blog, but your hair looks fabulous with the new cut!


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