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Benefits of Rose Water

So, when I spritz my hair to add a little moisture to it, I use a mixture of Rose Water and Distilled Water,
I mainly use Rose Water because of the scent, but there are also some benefits to it. you go....

Rose water improves the blood circulation in the scalp. Regular use of rose water can also promote hair growth. Rose water is also a very good hair conditioner and revitalizes the hair. It can also help in reducing inflammations. It has also been found to be very effective in countering the dandruff caused due to fungal infections. It boosts the health of the hair and so reduces the hair fall and dryness of the scalp and the hair. It also makes the hair strong and flexible and so there is minimal broken hair or split ends

Facts about Rose Water:

  • Rose water is used as an important ingredient in many body creams due to its pleasant fragrance. Rose water is also a very useful toner. This is probably why Romans in the ancient days preferred to bathe in rose water. It is known that rose water helps to stimulate the nervous system.

  • Rose water also has certain antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. This is why is it useful to cure certain skin problems as well.

  • Rose water is also popular due to its distinct flavor. This is the reason why rose water is used in West Asian, South Asian and cuisines of the Middle Eastern areas. Recipes from the 8th century have also included the rose water as an important ingredient. Many sweets are often flavored with rose water. In India, this is used as an ingredient in Gulab Jamun, which is a very popular sweet. Areas of Malaysia and Singapore use rose water as an ingredient in a sweet drink, which is known as Bandung.

Rose water is made from distilled water of the roses. The process involves the use of steam distillation. There are many ways to make rose water at home. This is most preferred by many as sometimes, the ones available in the market have chemical ingredients. Rose water made at home is in its purest form and proves to be more beneficial for the skin.


Make Your Own Rose Water-
Rose Water for Hair Loss:

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  1. I always wanted to try this especially for a toner after I clean my face, I seen the link on how to make rosewater but I was wonderin if their was somewhere I could putchase it.

    1. I purchased mine from Whole foods for less than $10 for a 8oz. spray bottle!

    2. I found mine at an Indian grocery store for $2. I stocked up with it being so inexpensive.

    3. I purchased mine at a pharmacy.

    4. I buy rose water on eBay.

  2. I'm thinking about using plain Rose Water as a toner as well.
    I purchased mine from a local Indian Market, but Rose Water can also be found at some Vitamin stores, whole foods or online (Vitacost or iherb).

  3. Ive recently purchased rose water have yet to use it though! I've heard alot of positive things about it.

  4. I found a wonferful pure mix of rose water and glycerine at Ricky's in NY. On the first try it made my curly/kinky black American hair SO SOFT! I'm adding dark flax seeds boiled in water cooled and stranded for added moisture. I'm going to add rosemary oil and a carrier oi perhaps coconut oil for added moisture and scalp stimulation.

  5. I use rose water with glycerin.. for moisture then seal with rose oil and lanolin blend... results fabulous on my type 4a locks

  6. Just found the anwser that I'be been looking hair is type 4 a/b texture no curl pattern..very fragile..transition from chemical decency to natural..Have use rose water on my skin then tried on my hair..wonderful hair is soft and moisturizes..rose only rose water and glycerin with a sealer of rose oil and lanolin..great health revealed from the rosewater. plan to add aloe to my next spray bottle.


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