Friday, June 10

I Hate "Flying"!

Did I ever tell any of you how much I hate flying?Yes, I love to travel, but the whole "flying" thing is something else.

Now, I have grown very thick skin when it comes to Airline woes. From cancellations..unexpected re-routing...and airplane "maintenance" issues....BUT last night was something else.

I was on the road since Sunday and my flight back home , leaving from Baltimore, was at 3:44pm.
Because of a LATE lunch, I got to the airport at 2:40 pm...just enough time to check-in my bag!
Rushed through security...and made it just in time for Boarding. Yaaay..right?..NO?!!
It was 98 degrees and the plane had NO AC! So, I was stuck in a HOT plane for an hour...feeling like I was going to pass out or Die...yeah I know..overdramatical(I know that's not a word)

So..I make it to the connecting airline at Laguardia..but the flight doesn't leave until 8pm. That was fine by me because it gave me some time to catch up on work and eat.
As, I was going to pull out my wallet to grab a bite..I realize I LOST MY ID!!!
The only place it could be was at the Security clearance in Baltimore!

Okay..since I was already inside the Airport at my airline, I should be no need to freak out...right?
NO! My flight stated it was cancelled due to the storms. Now every flight except 1 was I wasn't thaaat surprised.

How am I going to get back through security with NO I.D!?!?!

Okay..I'm freaking out now and call my sister. Luckily she lives in I would have been able to take a train to her place..crash there then take a bus back home..then have someone drive me to the airport to pick up my I have a plan.

BUT by the GRACE of flight just got delayed and it ended up leaving at 10pm...just enough time for me to get home by 12AM and make it to work this AM at 8 :-)

Now, back to hair.

While waiting to see if my flight would really leave..I started finger detangling my hair. haha.
I had a braid-out in and my new-growth/underprocessed areas were slightly matted and knotted. I was able to get the knots out..but decided to corn-row my hair up tomorrow to avoid any for-seen "set-backs"
I will try to keep those in for 2 for a week then proceed with my single braids plan

I also wrote a list of up-coming stay tuned :-)

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