Sunday, June 12

Comparison Pic

I think Comparison Pics are a great way to motivate yourself to keep going with your hair journey.
When you feel like your hair isn't growing, take a look back at where you started or where you were this time last year and you will see progress is being made.

I chose pics that looked similar and where my hair was parted the same exact way.
                                            July 22, 2010                          May 28, 2011

As you can see, my hair was barely touching my shoulder in the first pic, now it is well beyond my shoulder.

* Sorry you can't see the left side of my hair in the pics...but the right side is doing great! but the left side is doing just fine, I just always pin some hair back or ALLLL of the hair back.
*I am not naked in either of these pics...I just like strapless dresses


  1. what was your regimine during this time, im jealous :-) ? im on my phone , its really hard to cruise around your site lol

  2. Hi Karizma,

    No need to be jealous since you will get to the lengths you would like in no TIME!
    My Regimen Was Basically to:

    Co-wash at least 3 times weekly because I worked a lot then
    Shampoo, Deep condition- Once weekly - rotating between moisture and protein DC's
    Moisturize daily and nightly
    Protective style- Basically buns or my hair clipped up...almost everyday
    No Heat
    And I dusted my ends every 6-8 weeks

    Hope that helps!

    1. I am relaxed but my hair keeps breaking at the root. I just started cowashing and air drying, but my hair feels dry. do you have any suggestions

    2. What products are you using?


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