Sunday, June 5

Trimmed/ Dusting and Trimming Schedule

I trimmed my hair today. I still want to do a larger trim, but I just wanted to get rid of any split ends and even up the tips.
Because my hair wasn't completely straight, I decided not to use my split-ender. I just twisted(not 2 strand twists) small sections of my hair and went down the twists cutting off any splits then I evened up the ends.

This is what I was able to scrounge of what I actually cut off. I did cut a lot more hair though.

This Years Trim and Dustings so far(for my own records):

January 21st- Trimmed .5-1nch
February 15th- Dusted with Split Ender (1/4th of an inch)
April 15th- Dusted with Split Ender (1/4th of an inch)
May 7th- Lightly dusted After relaxer ( 1/4th of an inch)
June 5th- Trimmed Ends (.5 inches or more)
Sept. 10th- Dusted with Split-Ender
Sept 21st- Dust with Shears- Only lightly on ends (__)
Next Trim(may be a big one depending on my ends) will be April 2012

Keep in new Goal is to have THICK healthy APL-BSB length hair by December. No longer BSL.
If I reach BSL by my 3year healthy hair journey...June 2012, I'll be happy. If not, then I'm perfectly content with the length I am at.

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