Friday, June 3

Too Lazy for Hot Oil Treatments? Try Oil Rinsing!

Oil rinsing has somewhat the same concept as Hot Oil Treatments, but saves a little more time. It could be done in numerous different way's, but I find the most effective is the below.

Shampoo or Co-wash
Apply Oil of your choice (can be warmed up) all throughout your hair- Leave in for like 3-5 minutes
Rinse with WARM water
Condition Hair
(if needed.. de-tangle, watch how the comb just glides through your hair)
Rinse Conditioner with COOL water
Proceed as normal(towel dry, apply leave-ins, so forth)

This is a great way to use up any oils you don't use and it really really really conditions your hair.

Afraid of Oily hair?- Ease up on the amount of oil you use!

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  1. I definitely have to try this because I must admit that some days I am too lazy for a hot oil treatment lol!



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