Monday, July 25

Caring for Biracial Hair?

..Black and White that is!

My little cousin is mixed...her father(my uncle) is black and her mother is white. Her mother has fine, curly hair I would say is like a 2A hair and her father has I believe 4A or 4B hair(slightly course like mine) that leaves my cousin with 3A texture (soft but tight curls).
Her mother has done a GREAT job caring for her hair. She learned how to braid/cornrow, use proper moisturizers and she really did her research when it came for taking care of hair not like hers.
But there are always new things to learn when it comes to hair no matter what.

I honestly think that caring for bi-racial hair is no different then caring for "Black" hair. As you know, our hair comes in all different kind of textures(just like other races), but it just takes finding the right products and using proper techniques to have healthy, manageable, beautiful hair.

There are many great website such as:

That offer tips on taking care of all different textures of curly hair.

I also found this link in that offers great tips on caring for "biracial" hair. Now of course they are promoting their own products, which I ignore, but the tips offered are helpful!

*You can also browse my blog for some healthy hair tips...they aren't really geared to once specific hair type.

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