Tuesday, July 26

3 Weeks in Braids

Braids after having them for 2 weeks

So I  had these braids in my hair for almost 3.5 weeks and I have no desire to take them out anytime soon.

I didn't re-do the front as planned this past weekend...but I really don't need to because the braids aren't causing much friction on my edges and I am able to cover it up with a headband easily!
*these pics are my braids at 3 weeks

I will DEF re-do the front this weekend though. I plan on keeping these braids in for 6-8 weeks now...so I will either remove them the 12th or 26th. I have a trip planned for the 19th, so I am contemplating just re-doing the front again the 12th if it gets messy. I love the ease of having braids ...and I know I will be retaining most of my length wearing these.

Beware!!!!! You are about to see some jacked up pictures!!!

Okay...so these are my braids today. See that new-growth? Thank Goodness no-one but you all and me can see this madness! Seeing this makes me want to re-do my whole head over again, but spending another 8 hours doing my hair, is not something I want to do anytime soon!


  1. hi im kylie and i want to know what hair products did you use to make your hair grow in your braids. I myself have braids . Had them in for about 3 weeks . I attent to take them out for easter but i need some hair products i can try all this month to see the results next month. Thank you and have a nice day

    1. Hi Kylie. Regardless of what products you use, your hair will still grow while in braids.
      To help speed up the growth, I would try a good braid spray because not only will it keep your hair moisturized underneath the braids, some have growth accelerating ingredients.
      I use African Pride Braid Spray with the green top or I make my own. Check out my braids label and you will see many posts on how I take care of my braids.


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