Wednesday, July 27

Hair Color?

I am a big fan of dark hair. I love how healthy one's hair can look when it's jet black.

Yes, I know this isn't her's..but a pure example of why I love dark hair!
Kelly at her album release party

I am also heavily focused on growth/retaining length this year.
The ONLY reason why I would consider coloring my hair to see how fast it grows...haha

Look at that new-growth! #nottryingtoinsult
Beyonce at Kelly's Album Release Party

Then I think about the dryness and breakage I COULD experience being double-processed and decide to stick to braids!

****I do have posts on Henna and other Natural ways to color hair that won't cause breakage! You can search for them in the search bar. This is just in reference to bleaching or having such a drastic color change that requires chemical treatments!****


  1. I'm using henna to give my hair a reddish brown tint. I like it so far even though I can't see it by looking at it directly...but it shines a pretty brown in the sun. Color and conditioner all in one

  2. @ KayTee- I don't know how I forgot about Henna. I have done PLENTLY of Henna and Henna Gloss Treatments. I do love the shine it gives and the slight color..but I am now only going to do Henna and Indigo Treatments to achieve the jet black hair.
    Check out my label Ayurvedic Hair Care for more info on my Henna Treatments.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :-D

  3. hey is henna good for dry hair?? my hair is very dry & im considering cutting it all off again..i dont know what else to do with natural btw....

  4. @ Ifunanya- Henna is NOT good for those with dry hair. It actually causes hair to be a little more dry unless followed up by a very moisturizing Deep Conditioning Treatment. Many people have success with mixing Henna in their Conditioners which is a henna gloss. If I were you, I would start with Henna can still get color and the strengthening effect without dryness.
    I don't think you need to cut all of your hair off unless it's very damaged..if you have time, shoot me an email with your regimen and I can offer suggestions to tweek it up to curb your dryness.

  5. ok i'll send an email here


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