Thursday, August 4

It's About That Time take these braids out!
That's it! I'm sick of them. I tried, I really tried to keep them in for 8 weeks, but I think 5 weeks is my max.
I must say that I am proud of myself. Since the start of my journey, the longest time I could keep my braids in was 4 weeks. Last year my braids lasted 4 weeks, then 3 and sadly after that, only 2 weeks. me, this is a big accomplishment.

This is what my new-growth in braids looked like @ 4 weeks. I think that's about .5 inches. Now I just hope I retain all of that.

This is TRUE 4B/4C hair!

I'm taking these out tomorrow, then I'll put my hair in small, long cornrows next weekend. I plan to keep those in for 2 weeks....

I plan to relax the first week of September and I know there's going to be a jungle to get through. My hair was slightly (I use this term lightly) I have a lot to work with.
Here's a preview.....

This was my hair 5.28.2011

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