Saturday, August 6

So You Want to Color Your Hair?!

Color treated hair, whether you are natural or relaxed, requires extra care.
I always suggest to use semi-permanent hair dye/rinses, henna, indigo, honey, see where I am going...Go the Natural route
BUT some can't find one that works for them or would like a more specific or dramatic color so they opt for Commercial/Chemical Hair Dyes.
Some people just use Dye to cover up Greys.  

IF you Dye your hair, keep reading for some tips

  • If you are Relaxed, NEVER Color and Relax the same day!!
  • Always Relax Before Coloring- You should wait at least 3 weeks after Relaxing your hair to apply color. I suggest waiting 4 weeks
  • Start Stretching Your Relaxers- Now that you have TWO chemicals in your hair, it is important to reduce the amount 1 chemical treatment in your hair. You have to pick, the color or the relaxer. I vote for the relaxer
  • If you want the color to last, do a Clear RINSE (Semi-permanent Hair Color which has NO peroxide) to seal in the color- This will help reduce the amount of touch-ups you will have to do.  
  • MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE and PROTEIN!- You need to keep your hair moisturized at all times. This means more Deep Conditioning Treatments, maybe incorporate Co-Washing and Moisturizing hair day and night. Also, don't forget about Protein treatments. A Hard Core Protein Treatment, such as Aphogee may be needed every 6 weeks. If not, a Mild Protein DC should be used at least bi-weekly.ALWAYS follow up a Protein treatment with a Moisturizing DC!
  • Use Sulfate Free Shampoos- Shampoos with Sulfate will strip the hair color and may potentially dry out your hair. Opt for Sulfate free Shampoos
  • LAY OFF THE DIRECT HEAT!!!!-  Blow-drying and Flat-Ironing your hair should be done at the absolute Minimum.


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