Friday, August 12

Took the Twists Out

 I wanted to keep these in for 2 weeks...but a Henna and Indigo Treatment is calling my name. Plus, I will be going on a trip soon and I would like my hair to look "fresh" for it.

Before removing each twist, I coated them with V05 Strawberry and Cream Conditioner. They were so soft and I had virtually no breakage. I separated and lightly finger detangled each twist as I removed them.

I was left with this..and a GREASY face!

It looks damp because it is,  from the conditioner....
I also didn't fully detangle my hair yet.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with my hair next...maybe I'll do another set of twists...who knows!

*Don't mind the super shiny face

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