Thursday, August 11

Giraffe Earrings

So, I purchased some Vintage Hand Painted Giraffe Earrings on Ebay.

Now, you all know I am 6 ft. tall...and Proud! But growing up I hated my height...and would sometimes be called a giraffe. I swear, some kids are evil!!!

Side Note: Kimora Lee Simons went through the saaaame thing and look at her now!

Anyway...because I am so comfortable in the skin I'm in now...I bought these earrings as a way to embrace the "name calling"  I endured as a child.

I think they're cute...but then again, I have very eclectic taste in jewelery(if you haven't noticed by my last earrings post)


  1. Oh those are cute!

    And greetings to a fellow 6-Foot-And-Above Club Member! *star trek hand sign*

  2. Oh, and what's the eBay seller's name?

  3. Thanks!

    haha.. I didn't know you were a member of that club! Us tall women need to stick together!

    The Sellers name is: vickysdesign917
    She sells a lot of vintage jewerly and delivery is sooo quick!


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