Monday, August 8

Two-Strand Twists on My Relaxed Hair

Because my new-growth has been getting tangled easily, I decided to put some twists in my hair to avoid any extreme knots during the week.
This is one time I really wish I were natural because these would look sooooo much better. The relaxed ends make my hair look stringy! But for now, they will do.

I will wear them either in a bun or in a faux bob. Because I did this with my real hair, I need to protect my ends by keeping them tucked away.

                                                            Twists rolled and tucked under

#Ew....I will not be wearing them down...AT ALL!

Hotmess! lol

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  1. They look very cute!
    I gotta try those especially with this summer heat!
    How long are you gonna keep them in??

  2. :-) Thank You!!!
    You should, they are very quick and easy to do!
    I think I'll keep them in for about 2 weeks as long as they don't get too messy.

  3. I've been growing out my relaxer for the last few months, so I've still got long relaxed ends. How did you manage to keep the twists in? Mine keep falling out! Any tips would be much appreciated!

  4. @Anon- Surprisingly, I am able to keep these in for 2 weeks at a time.
    I got the best hold when I used a mix of Shea-butter and Aloe Vera Gel. But I'm sure Shea-butter alone works great!
    My biggest tip when doing twists on relaxed hair is before hand you should air-dry in braids. That way you have more texture to work with. I also twirl the ends of each twists around my finger to make sure they don't unravel. If needed you can add very little amount of Gel (Eco-Styler Gel works great) on your ends.


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