Tuesday, August 9

Angela Simmons Hair- Post Weave

I'm sure everyone knows that the Simmons sister's have some beautiful hair. For the last few years, they have been protecting their hair with weaves and it sure paid off. Angela posted this via twitter:

Just took my weave out.. Look how long my hair grew. Its so thick !!



  1. I love Angela, she's my favorite out of everyone on their reality show (although, she did kind of whine a lot D:). I had no idea she was actually trying to retain length underneath her weaves. Congrats to her, her hair looks awesome!

  2. Well it looks as if she washed and blew her hair out, I don't know anyone natural or not that takes out their braids (assuming that's how it was for a weave) and their hair is one voluminous big stretched fro.
    Yes she has a lot of hair, but she didn't JUST take her weave out.

  3. @PDT- I somewhat disagree. When I was natural and frequently wore braids...upon removal, my hair was stretched to the max. That is why I loved braids because it stretched my hair out with-out using heat. To me...it does look like she just removed braids and then detangled her hair. If you look at my pics of my braid removals, although I'm relaxed, I would get the same look.

    @Tay- I think they wore weaves more for different style options and to protect their hair from all that heat stylists tend to use. I agree..she was my fav too and her hair is gorg.


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