Monday, September 12

5 Reasons Why I LOVE Grapeseed Oil

I used Grapeseed oil in the past  for some of my oil mixtures and to seal,  but I got a little oil crazy and started buying all types of oils completely forgetting all about it.
Then I started seeing other bloggers raving about this oil and my sister who started using this a while back really liked it. So, I told myself as soon as I finish using my other oils, I will buy some more Grapeseed Oil.
Boy am I glad I did!

Now on to why I love Grapeseed Oil:

1.) Very lightweight- Chances of this weighing down your hair is slim to none unless you're extremely heavy handed. This oil is almost as light as Jojoba Oil!

2.) I can find this at Stop &Shop- Any oil I can find in my grocery store is a keeper for me! Especially if it's at a low cost. I purchased the above bottle for $4.79(8.45 oz)

3.) It's a natural heat protectant- Grapeseed oil can withstand temperatures up to 420 °F

4.) It's an Oil that contains Ceramide- Ceramides are great for hair, but most importantly chemically treated hair.
 Ceramides perform a “barrier function” and help reduce the hair’s overall porosity. Ceramides bind to the hair fiber in damaged, vulnerable areas to help prevent natural moisture and protein loss that occurs when we manipulate our hair. read more here about ceramides

5.) It is said to Promote hair Growth-Any product that I purchase that has a whole bunch of benefits and is ALSO said to promote hair growth...I love. . Even if it doesn't give me accelerated hair growth...just the fact that I read it could (or does) gives me some kind of hope. LOL
Studies have shown that antioxidants present in grape seeds promote proliferation of hair follicle cells and that it may be used to induce hair growth.


  1. I absolutely looooooooove grapeseed oil. I seal with it, do a hot oil treatment with it every week. It has a special place in my hair lol

  2. @Jenijen- LOL. You were one of the bloggers who inspired me to go to Grapeseed Oil :-D


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