Friday, September 16

How to Steam Hair at Home- Without a Steamer

Steam treatments are great for your hair because they open the hair cuticle to allow a deep conditioner or oils to penetrate the hair shaft giving more moisturized, healthier, softer and stronger hair. In the long run, steam treatments(along with other healthy hair practices) contribute to our hairs health.

Professional Steamers can cost as low as $100, but the benefits of steaming hair is worth the purchase. I for one, wont be purchasing a steamer until I reach my hair goal (BSB) for now, home made steam treatments will have to do.

There are Two Ways I know to a Steam Treatment without a Steamer:

Option 1- Using the Shower and Hot Water

Place Deep Conditioner(or oils) in Hair
Place Plastic Cap over Hair
Go to your bathroom and Turn on the Hot Water then Close Your Door
The Steam from the hot water will give you a mild Steam Treatment
To not waste water you can shower, shave...or do whateeever you want in there

Option 2- Turban and Plastic Cap Method

What you need:
Plastic Cap or Bag
Hair Turban
Hooded Dryer

What you do:
Boil some water
Place Plastic Cap over Hair (that has the deep conditioner or oils in it)
Place the Turban in the Boiled water for about 10-15 seconds
Remove Turban and squeeze excess water out (maybe with tongs to avoid burning)
Remove the plastic Cap and Place Turban over hair
Place A Plastic Cap(or bag) over the Turban
If needed tie a scarf over the plastic cap to avoid any dripping and to secure heat/moisture
Sit under a dryer for 10-30 minutes


  1. Love this post!!! I've heard nothing but good reviews from steamers, I'm going to try this out when I deep condition my hair this weekend! Woop I'm excited

  2. Thanks :)
    I'm sure your hair will feel great after trying it!

  3. I just bought a steamer and I luv it. Best thing ever.

  4. i've read on the internet about steaming hair using towels and plastic, and i've tried using the second option. but i do not own a steamer or a hooded dryer. is it possible to leave the process at that?

    1. I think just the turban and plastic cap should do the job. The hooded dryer is just an extra step. The heat from the turban will assist with the steaming.

    2. thx a lot. :)


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