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Steps I Took for Thicker Hair

I receive questions on ways to thicken up relaxed hair all the time. 
See below for how I did it. 

My Hair went from this in July 2010 

To this in September 2011

My hair isn't naturally thin, but because of a few Dominican blow-outs and former stylists raking a small tooth comb through my hair during the first year of my journey, my hair thinned out tremendously.

Now some people believe the only way to rid thin hair is to cut it, but I honestly believe there are ways to achieve thicker hair with-out doing so.

Here's what I did in the last year:

Minimized Direct Heat- I used to get my hair washed, set, blow dried and flat-ironed very often the first year of my hair journey(if I wasn't in braids). I realized that was way too much heat for my fragile hair. Last year, I only used direct heat on my hair 2 or 3 times and air-dried instead.

Decreased Manipulation- Now in the last year, I incorporated co-washing to my routine, but I still only de-tangled my hair once a week. I realized that combing my hair daily was too much manipulation. I also stopped doing roller-sets because in order to achieve a nice one, a small tooth comb must be used...and that was also too much manipulation for me.

Maintained a consistent Moisture and Protein Balance- I spoke about this a lot in my blog (do a search). But I always moisturized my hair at night and sealed with a penetrating oil such as Coconut, EVOO or Avocado Oil. I also did weekly light protein treatments (Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructer, ORS Replenishing Pak, Mendex, ORS Hair Mayonnaise) and followed up with a Moisturizing Deep Conditioning Treatment(if I felt my hair needed it).

Dusted Regularly- When reading through my blog, I realized that I dusted my ends at least once every 8 weeks. I didn't cut a lot off, but I think the general maintenance of my ends stopped any potential damage or excessive split ends that could have happened.

Incorporated Henna and sometimes Indigo Treatments- Henna binds to the hair strands which helps hair gain thickness and strength. I would do Henna Glosses or full Henna treatments at least once a month last year. I would use Indigo when I got tired of the reddish hair Henna produced.
You can read more about Henna Here

Those are the main ways that I believe helped me achieve thicker, but I also:

Stretched my Relaxers 4 months at a time- I believe the relaxer run off(the relaxer washing off your hair) was causing my ends to get thinner and thinner. So other then protecting them, I also decreased relaxer touch-ups from 6-8 times a year to 4.

Took MSM- I will have to come back and post more information on the vitamin MSM. BUT once I started taking MSM, my shedding decreased. The less hair you lose from shedding, the more hair you have on your head.

My hair isn't the thickest it can be, but it's better than it was last year.


  1. Great post! Very informative ...thanks for sharing what you've learned.

  2. thanks for the great info! was just thinking about this yesterday, to cut my thin ends or not. they are not split but as a result of my stylist raking through too much

  3. @ Ra-an- No problem. I'm glad to be of some help.
    If they aren't split or damaged, then I believe there is no need to cut...just change/improve hair care practices and you will be fine.

  4. Love the post, very helpful! I have a couple of questions for you. I just got my relaxer on Saturday and my hair dresser told me my hair is doing ok but my sides are shorter and I have some broken hairs. He suggested that I try an aphogee protein treatment. Which aphogee do you suggest, the 2minute light protein treatment? Also, how would I use it and how long after a relaxer? Thanks :-)

  5. Thank you! I'm happy to hear that this was helpful for others.

    Because your hair stylist said your hair is doing okay, that means it's not I would steer clear of the Hard Protein Treatment that Aphogee offers.
    So, yes...I suggest the Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructer which can be found at Sally's and at times other Beauty Supply Stores.
    I would use this up to a week after your relaxer then every 2 weeks after(just to start off).

    When I used this, I would:

    *Wash and Condition as normal
    *After Conditioning, Apply Aphogee from root to tip
    *Leave on Hair for about 5 minutes
    Rinse Out

    After doing the above, I would apply a Moisturizing Deep Conditioner(anything that doesn't have protein in the ingredients) and keep that on for about 30 minutes then rinse out and proceed as usual.
    BUT sometimes I didn't need to do that because the Aphogee 2 minute can be moisturizing as well.
    But to be safe, I would do the Moisture DC.

    When you use the Aphogee, focus on the sides of your hair.
    Also, moisturize the sides of your hair more then you would anywhere else since this is a problem area.
    Also be VERRRRY gentle with the sides..meaning light combing.
    If you wear bonnets...either flip it inside out so the elastic isn't causing friction or stop all together.

  6. This is great advice, thank you sooo much! :)

  7. Nice improvement and good tips. I'm also reducing my direct heat and manipulation because looking back, I realized that my fastest hair growth in the pst was when I got roller sets and did not use direct heat.

  8. @FEG- Thank you!
    That's great..can't wait to see your progress!

  9. Love this post! I am trying to "thicken" my hair back up as well. I'm concentrating on protecting it right now for the sake of my ends, but 2012 will be about retention and thickening.

  10. @EbonyCPrincess- Thanks and I know your hair will bounce back(even though I think it's not bad) in no time.
    I'm on the same boat as you for retention in 2012...that's my main focus and for my hair to all be one length.

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    1. You're welcome! Thanks for reading :-)

  12. Great advice for those struggling!
    Im a new follower via blog lovin!

    Mixed Beauty

    1. Thanks for following!
      I will check out your blog! :-)

  13. Thanks for the repost! Everyone wants thicker fuller hair!


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