Wednesday, April 3

Recent Buys

Hey Hey Hey. I just wanted to show you my recent purchases. 

Keep on reading if you're interested! 

It was time to renew my Sally Beauty Supply Beauty Card and as some may already know, they give you a free Silk Elements Product(valued up to $7.00) and a $5.00 coupon(on a $5 purchase). 
Now, I call that a deal!! I don't really purchase products from there much anymore, but I will be giving the card and coupon to my Mother. 

Anyway, the Silk Elements product I picked up was "Straight Edges". Not really feeling the name... But because I already have shampoo, conditioner, dc, etc, this was the only thing I would actually use. 

On to the next items...

I purchased some hair candy aka A scarf and headbands, to spice up my puff. I think these will be great for the summer. 

Orange Scarf: H&M for $3.00
Headbands: .55 each from 
Karishma Henna: My staple Henna for $2.00 a pack. (I henna and indigo monthly)
Rose Oil: $3.00- I will add this to the water I spritz on my hair. Will do a post on the benefits soon. 

I also bought some Henna, but it went missing. Can't find it for the life of me. May have left it at my parents place. #ohwell. I guess I'll just buy another tub. 


  1. I am interested in hearing how that straight edges product works out!

    1. I'll be sure to show my results when I review it

  2. OMG I need to find Henna packets like that, especially that cheap, awesome! Also, that scarf is vibrant! :)

    1. I get them from a local Indian grocery store. If you have any in your area, you should def visit one.

      :-) it looks better in person. Darn iphone camera lol


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