Monday, October 3

Hair Tools and Accessories Storage

Being a hair fanatic I have accumulated a lot of hair tools and accessories. I started running out of places to store them in my bathrooms and office, so I decided to use an old t.v stand to help.
I could go out and purchase a small shelf, but why spend extra money when I can use what I already have.

See below if you're wondering how I store my hair "stuff".
Keep in mind that I do live alone and I am still I see no need in spending tons of $$ on things I will upgrade in the near future.

This is just how it looks from a distance

Some of my headbands and scrunchies

This is where I keep my hair sticks and some clips

I use an old product bottle to hold my most used scrunchies

Close-up of my blow-dryers, flat irons and curlers

This is just where I keep my bump-its, ez combs, hair flowers and other clips
I purchased most of the storage containers at the dollar store


  1. I really need to organize my stuff. I'm forever looking in different places for that one special "clip" or tool that I need! I too live alone and don't put alot into these types of storage items...they've gotten SO expensive!

  2. Girl friend you have a lot of stuff! I dont' have as much as I used to cause my hair is shorter, but with me and my daughter the collection grows!

  3. @EbonyCPrincess- I know exactly what you mean!

    @Back2Front- lol..I didn't realize that until I took pictures.
    I could only imagine how many cute hair accessories you have for your daughter! :-D

  4. U have it all... ME however I just lose 75% of them and have to re-purchase but thats because I still live at home n I know my lil sis n mother come creeping into my stuff.

  5. @SweetIntent- I know exactly what you mean...BUT I was the one who was taking all of my Mothers hair products/accessories and appliances!
    Bet she's glad I'm gone. LOL


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