Sunday, October 2

Weekend Haul

So I purchased a few things through-out the weekend which I decided to share with you all.

First Stop- Walmart

Multi Vitamins- $ 4.75 (or around that price)
Castor Oil 6 oz- $2.69

Now we all know how multi-vitamins are good for overall health, so no need to explain that.
I use Castor Oil in my pre-poo treatments and in my Sulfur Mix. I'm running low on it

Second Stop- Local Dollar Store

Satin Scarfs- $1.00 Each
These will be cute headbands!!

Hair Clips- $1.00
Ya'll know how I like to clip the left side of my hair back when I do braid-outs and bantu-knot outs. These are some cute clips to use for that purpose

Satin Scrunchies- $1.00
These will be used to secure my bantu-knots and also for my buns. My hair is finally thick/long enough, that when I do a cant see the holder. 

Third Stop- Walgreens

Bow Clips- $1.00
Will use these the same way I will use the clips above and whatever else I think of.

Fourth Stop- Sally Beauty Supply

Jumbo Kanekalon Hair- $1.75 each
I decided to put some single braids back in my hair..this is the kind of hair I use

Brush Strokes Brush- on clearance for $1.00
My hair is straight right now and I would like to freshen it up at the end of the week, by yes, brushing it. This should help distribute the products/oils throughout my hair and make it look less limp. This brush only has 8 rows and the bristles are soft and far apart. Hopefully this doesn't cause any breakage.

Last Stop- Stop and Shop

V05 Volumizing Conditioner- $.99

I used this in my henna gloss mixes in the past when I was on the quest for thicker hair. I decided to bring this back.

Total Spent- $17.94
Less than 20 bucks! :-D


  1. great buys!!!!

  2. i am so jealous that you found satin scrunchies >:P. i checked at my local dollar store for some but I guess I'll have to check again! Great job buying everything for less than $20 :)

  3. @Rose from Rosedale- Thanks!

    @tay-'s rare that I find these, especially for a dollar. But I do know they sell some Goody Satin scrunchies at Walmart (I purchased them last year though)


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