Thursday, October 6

I've Been Tagged: 7 Things

Aly from It Better Grow tagged me in the "7 things tag". If you haven't already checked out her should! It's very cute and keeps me engaged, so I'm sure it will do so for you too!

Basically for this tag you just have to list 7 random things about your self. This is a great way for others to know you a little I hope you ALL enjoy! :-D

1.) I wear Black almost EVERY day- I'm not a "gloomy" or "gothic" person, I just love the color black. I always spice it up with colorful accessories, but black is my color of choice. I do have a lot of color in my closet though!

2.) I go back and forth about either starting my own business or getting my MBA- I would love to receive my Masters Degree before I turn 30 (I am now 25), but I also want to start my own business and feel like I don't need a Masters Degree to be a successful business owner.  Most likely the MBA will win because I actually like school and it's always good to have something to fall back on. Although I am VERRRRY happy that I received professional experience after receiving my Bachelors.

3.) One of my biggest fears is being Broke- I save money like crazy just in case. (You should have at least 3 months (6 is ideal) of income in the bank just in case something were to happen)

4.) I LOVE to Dance- I don't care what kind of music is playing, you will see me dancing. Every morning I put on my Pandora and I dance while getting ready. When I go out...sometimes I am the only one in my group dancing...but I just can't help it!

5.) I have 2 Tattoos- 1 is Arabic Caligraphy saying "I Put my Trust in God" the other is my first initial with a crown on top (because I think I'm royalty--jk)

6.) Canada(more specifically my grandmothers(R.I.P) house) is my Second Home- As a child up until my preteens, my siblings and I spent every summer(2 months) in Canada with my Grandmother (& my aunt and uncle). I will continue to go there at least once a year for the rest of my life(God Willing)

7.) I want/need/would love to do LONG TERM Mission Trips- As soon as I have a certain amount of extra money, I plan on doing a mission trip in Haiti and different parts of Africa. God blessed me so I can bless others.

This is the part where I'm supposed to tag 7 other bloggers...but I'm not good at that. So I Tag ANYONE that hasn't done this yet.


  1. #1 I love black too

    #2 i had no idea u were 25, u look younger than that lol

    #5 i want a tattoo too but I'm not quite clear on what the Bible says about did u decide to get them?

    Thanks for doing the tag :)

  2. OMG - I can COMPLETELY relate to wearing black all of the time - that is my color too! I literally would wear black everyday if I could because I think it suits me best. My manager always teases me b/c I wear black 90% of the time!

  3. @ Aly- Thank you! It's a huuuge compliment when someone says I look younger than my actual age!

    In regards to what the Bible says about tattoos, there is one verse that touches on it in the Old Testament.
    Leviticus 19:28
    In my eyes, having a tattoo does not stop me from praising God and carrying on his word. I am a God fearing woman with or without them. When I thought of it thay way, that helped make my decision.
    I loved the meaning of my Arabic tattoo and a friend designed my other, that kind of helped too.

    @FEG- LOL. It's good to see I'm not the only one!
    People at work always comment when I wear bright colors..they're like "wow, you have color on today" lol

  4. I can totally relate to saving you are so right. I listen to Dave Ramsey and he says that all the time about having three to six months of saving he call it am emergency fund. Very lovely blog please check out mine:-)

  5. @SpecialK- Thanks for stopping by!
    Off to check out your blog :-)


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