Thursday, October 6

My Poor Edges!

My edges thinned out ladies! The main culprit could have been the braids I had in for 5 weeks. Well, not the braids per-say, but the fact that I didn't re-do the perimeter every 2 weeks(#Lazy!)  like I should have which caused build-up and sadly, hair loss.
So...with that being braids for me for a little while, even cornrows, until I get these edges back in shape.

Here's my game plan:

Apply Castor Oil mixed with a few essential oils to my edges daily
Massage the Oil in for 5 minutes daily to increase blood stimulation
For Protective Styles, I will only do loose buns and twists
No Bonnets!
Make sure my scarf is NOT too tight and placed before my edges start
Don't stress it- because stress will only lead to more hair loss for me!

I know I'll get my edges back because positive thinking yields positive results!
#Getmyedgesback in full effect!

Starting Pics (Now I'm not sure if these are considered baby hairs or edges..but they look really thin to me)

Right Side
Left Side


  1. hey! ur edges will come back nicely :)

    I also stopped by to tell u I tagged you on my blog, its the "7 things tag"

    I'd love to read your "seven things" about you! :)

  2. You and I are in the same boat!

    I had my genie locs for 5 weeks and my edges look THIN! I'm doing the same as you; castor oil/tea tree oil mix every night.

    Have you had any experience with using castor/essential oils to regrow thinning hair? I'm hoping it works like everyone keeps saying it does. And I was wondering how long it'll take.

  3. @ Aly- Thank you..I hope so!!

    aww thanks, off to check out your post and I will def. participate.

    @KayTee- I swear thin edges are the devil! lol
    They will grow back though.

    I mix mine with Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil.

    I have used just plain castor oil and it worked fine alone so I'm sure that being mixed with some essential oils will help them grow back even faster.


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