Saturday, October 29

My Signature Cornrows

I know I said I wouldn't do it, but I put some cornrows back in my hair.
It's getting cold out and the colder it gets, the harder it is for me to get up in the morning. Being 9 weeks post,  even doing a simple bun takes me at least 10-12 minutes and I don't have time for that. So cornrows it is.

Few things:

  • I made sure to soak the hair in water/Apple Cider Vinegar to remove the alkaline base. I know if I didn't, I would be scratching my hair day and night.
  • I coated each section of my hair, before braiding, in moisturizer mixed with Avocado Oil. Detangled..then braided.
  • This took my about 4 hours (I did 3 rows)
  • I will keep these in for 2 weeks.

The knots don't look as noticeable in person. After a few nights of wrapping my hair, they wont be visible at all

If you are wondering why it took sooooo long, take a look at the what I had to de-tangle!

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  1. Looks very nice, I need a winter hairstyle. Currently I have my kinky curly weave in (worked well for the summer) that needs to be washed daily as its getting colder its just not practical!! Cornrows may be my answer as yours look great!
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  2. @Hairolic- Thanks!
    I assume it needs to be washed daily to maintain it's look?
    I could imagine washing daily in colder weather being a pain!
    I think cornrows, single braids or twists are a great option.

    p.s- just followed your blog! :-)
    Off to check out your youtube page.

  3. Yes, daily to ensure the curls "pop". Otherwise it looks like dreadlocks!! (Nothing wrong with dreadlocks just not the look I'm going for)

    oooh I've actuallt been wanting to get sengalese (sp) twists for a while!!

    Maybe this winter, Ill take the plunge.

    p.s thanks for following my blog and checking my youtube channel out, I appreciate it :)

  4. Your cornrows look great. I wish that I knew how to braid my own hair. I've tried and it never turns out right.

  5. @Hairolic- I love Senegalese Twists! I've been wanting to do them for a while now. You should def. try them out this winter. I think they're beautiful.

    No problem ;-)

    @Chanel- Thank you!!
    Practice makes perfect! I bet you will get it in no time.


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