Tuesday, October 25

Regimen Breakdown: Leave-ins, Detangling and Airdrying

So after I finishing pre-pooing, washing and DCing...it's time for my final wash day steps.

I let my the turban soak up the excess water for about 10 minutes.
Then I spray Chi Keratin Mist Through-out all of my hair
After I apply the Chi Keratin Mist, I put about a quarter size of Nexxus Headress throughout my hair.
Then I lightly finger comb my hair to distribute the products.

Then I tie a silk scarf around my neck and let my hair air-dry

After about 30 minutes or so when my hair is about 80% dry, I seal in the leave-ins with an Oil..right now I am loving Grapeseed Oil

Then I separate my hair in small sections and start detangling working from the bottom to the top with a wide tooth comb

If I'm Bunning: After detangling each section, I place them in twists
If doing a braid-out or Bantu-knot out, or whatever the style may be- I place the sections in the prospective setting style

Look at that new-growth....oh had to block out face..was looking a mess!

When the twists are about 95% dry(about 20 minutes later) ; I take them out,   put a little moisturizer in my hair, lightly finger comb and place my hair in the bun.... Using a scarf to lay down my edges.

About 15 minutes later, I take my scarf off and I'm ready to go.

 I am usually done with my hair by 10 or 11AM Saturday AM

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  1. nice,how many weeks post are you thats a lot of new growth

  2. thanks, in that photo I was about 7 weeks post. I believe that is a combination of new-growth and underprocessed hair from my last touch-up.

  3. Ah ok @ underprocessed, you look texlaxed in the photos, which is NOT a bad look!!! Separating into the appropriate sections while drying is a good tip, thx for sharing!

  4. @EbonyCPrincess- lol..yeah, I guess Texlaxed is another way of putting it, but some areas are seriously underprocessed(like there is no difference from my new-growth). I don't mind though.
    NP. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I just found your blog and love it, Way to grow!! :) Good luck reaching your goals... :)

  6. @ Danielle- :-) Thank you!!! Hope you stop by again!

  7. I just wanted to thank you. I followed your routine today when I washed and this was the least amount of hair I loss. I think the missing links for me were the PrePoo and the DC, especially adding the Aloe Vera Gel. Detangling was a breeze for the first time so thank you. I LOVE your blog :)

  8. @ Olivia- Glad it worked out!!! Aloe Vera Gel really helps with detangling...it's a life saver for me.
    Thank you! :-D


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