Wednesday, October 19

Rising Star: Blogs You Should Know About

Every Month, I will show some love to a blog or blogs  that I follow and believe others should know about as well.
If you recall..I posted Black Enterprise Wealth For Life Principles' and # 8 stated:

 I Will Support the Creation and Growth of Minority-Owned Businesses

To me....this means that we should support each other and not only in regards to "Businesses".

This Month's Rising Star goes to......

My Little Obsessions 246

Steph talks about fashion, make-up and most importantly Hair on this blog.
Of course she touches on other subjects as well and she updates her blog often!

Check it out and support one our fellow sister bloggers :-D

P.S- I'm not choosing these blogs in any particular way. Whatever blog comes to mind..I post. There's a big chance your blog will be next ;-) 


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I greatly appreciate it.


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