Wednesday, October 19

8 Weeks In Review

Friday makes me 8 weeks post relaxer and since then I have:

Done a FAILED Caruso Roller set

Put Twists in My Hair

Braided my Hair then Curled the Twists

Dusted My ends

Did my usual Braid-Outs

Straightened My Hair on LOW Heat (last 2 rows shown here)

And Bunned Like Crazy

Let's see what the next 8 weeks have to offer :-D


  1. Thanks for your comment.. Yeah.. what kind of shea mix did you use to make? xx
    Your hair looks great.. love the braid out look!

  2. No Problem :-)
    I used to make a Shea/Aloe Vera Mix including oils such as Coconut, Castor and Eucalyptus.

    Thank you!!


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