Wednesday, November 30

Weekend Hair Plans

I plan on doing a Henna and Indigo treatment on my hair this weekend because I am well overdue.

as you can see my hair has been relaxed- update will be at the end of Dec.- Not too happy with the results!

My hair is a reddish/brown color because of the Henna Glosses I do weekly/biweekly and I prefer Jet Black hair!
I would like to do Henna/Indigo treatments quarterly and the last time I did one was in August.
As said before, I feel like the Henna strengthens/thickens up my I am doing the most to finish this year off with a bang.

*Hair update coming soon


  1. I was just thinking about indigo to cover my gray hair. Do you have a detailed post about doing the henna/indigo treatment?

  2. I sure do-

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
    I have done this treatment a few times with no problems.


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