Friday, December 2

Thickness not Length?

I have been on my hair journey since May/June of 2009. The first year of my journey I felt like my hair grew like weeds and I desired more thickness. I'm starting to think that I got what I asked for. When I look at comparison pics,although they aren't that accurate in terms of styling, my hair appears to have gotten thicker rather than longer. I'm perfectly fine with that because that was one of my goals for the year.
My real length check, where I measure the back of my hair is towards the end of December, but here are my infamous progress pics.

Oct. 2009, Oct.2010, Oct.2011

July 2009, Sept.2010, Sept 2011

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  1. We started our journeys around the same time! I agree from last year to this year you have gained a TON of thickness!

    I was just examining my hair earlier and although my recent trim made a world of difference, I realized it will be years before my hair is the same thickness from root to tip. And that is okay with me. I have decided that once I reach BSL, I plan to stay there until all the pieces of hair that have been broken grow out which will help my hair to "fill" in. Its awesome that yours has done it naturally!!! I bet next year your length will take off again!

  2. Thanks!

    Your hair has made wonderful progress and I doubt it will take years for it to be thick from root to tip.
    You will most def make BSL no later than July and I believe before December you will reach your desired goal!

  3. your hair look awesome specially on that last picture x


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