Friday, December 16

Blow-Dried Relaxed Hair

As said in my last post..I decided to blow-dry my hair today to straighten out some underprocessed areas. My hair isn't completely straight, but it's a little more manageable than before. I was tempted to flat-iron, but I'll save that for my final length check.

I use the Hatchet Andis Blow-Dryer and use the Tension Method, but on the severely underprocessed areas I use the comb attachment.

Added some Coconut Oil for shine

I feel like the front of my hair is getting shorter :-/


  1. way off topic but your eyebrows look really nice :)

  2. Your hair looks nice and thick :)

  3. Your hair is not getting shorter, it looks like the very shortest of your sides now catching up, in my opinion. But if you think it really is, make sure if you use Ouchless ponytail holders that they are not breaking off your hair in the ponytail hot zone. That's what happened to me. I started using Hairzings and bobby pins to do my updos instead and don't have that problem anymore--my sides are flourishing. :) Love your site--I am a secret lurker! And your eyebrows do look nice, BTW.

  4. @Aly- lol...thanks chica!!!

    @Shereen- Thank you!!!!

    @sweeteuth- Thanks for the pointers and compliment.
    I will look out for my ponytail holders!
    Glad to see you came out of lurker mode, I love interacting with my readers!!!
    Don't be a stranger!

    Stay blessed ladies!

  5. Hair looks good and grown a lot!

  6. Looks like it has grown quite a bit since I saw it last. Very shiny. The slight wave in the 2nd and 3rd pics remind me of a wig. Beautiful.

  7. @LaQT/Ty- Thank you!! A wig? I take that as a huge compliment :-D

  8. Your hair looks beautiful, really thick and healthy...!



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