Saturday, December 17

Caruso Roller Set on Relaxed Hair

I dusted off my Caruso Rollers and finally used them tonight.
I put a total of 12(I believe) rollers in my hair and before doing so, I moisturized each section.
I kept them in for 30 minutes while I finished getting ready and just finger combed my hair after removing them.
I love these set lasted the majority of the night...and I dance my butt off y'all!!


  1. CUTE! i'm straight right now, but I can already see I won't be for long!

  2. Thanks!
    lol. textured styles can be addictive!

  3. Your caruso set came out lovely. You all are really tempting me to dust off my rollers and get back in the game. Love this look. And yes I agree, textured looks are very addicting.

  4. So pretty!!!!

    Carusos are!!!

  5. @LaQT- Thanks, girl! should give roller-sets a try when you take a break from braids!

    @Shika- Thank you!!
    Aren't they?!

  6. Pretty! I really need to invest in some!

  7. @Blutiful_blaq- Thank you! They really are a great investment!

  8. Nice set. I need to dust mine off lol

  9. @Ally- Thank you! lol I bet your set is beautiful!


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