Sunday, December 4

Cynthia Bailey

I just finished watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and in this episode Peter Thomas had a small debut of his new bar. He revealed a portrait/painting of Cynthia Bailey-Thomas and she looked absolutely stunning! (sorry if I ruined this scene for those who haven't seen this yet)
A few ladies on the show reactions were, "Wow, that's a big fro", but my initial reaction was, "Wow, she looks gorgeous!"
Although I know this isn't all her hair...I believe it's very post worthy!

Photo was taken by Derek Blanks I believe

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  1. Yes girl! i was thinking the same thing. She looked so beautiful!

  2. I am watching an encore presentation right now. I think this pic is gorgeous. My hubby said she looks beautiful, also. She kind of favors Leon in the pic.


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