Friday, December 30

Final "Length Check"

No matter how many pics I took of the back of my head...I just couldn't get a good one.
I know this isn't great, but it's the best I could do.

Hair was lightly flat-ironed at 310 degrees
Not styled yet
I plan to chop off at least 2 inches in April(remember I'm in bet)
The middle of my hair grows soooo much faster than the sides
I AM STILL FAAAR FROM Bra-Strap-Length- and I really don't care :-D

Sorry about the spots...NO, it's not toothpaste since this mirror is in my hallway and the mirror is clean..not sure what's going on :-/


  1. Looks nice! And you're not far from BSL! Even after u trim u're not far.

  2. Thank you! My sides just take forever to grow :(


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