Tuesday, January 3

Step 1: The Mental Transition

As said in my 2012 Goals post, I will not be relaxing my hair anymore.

Reasons being:

1.) I barely wear my hair straight
2.) For the last 1.5 years, my hair has been underprocessed (whether touch-ups were done by me or stylists)
3.) I grew my Relaxed hair to the longest it has been my adult life
4.)Now I want to grow my Natural hair to the longest it's been in my entire life (as a child I had long hair)
5.)I would like to have long natural hair by the time I'm 30 (I'm about to be 26)
6.) I am absolutely...positively..in LOVE with Natural Hair..I just haven't had the guts to transition until now

With that being said, I am simply doing the same thing I have been doing for the past 2.5 years(that's how long I have been on my hair journey), just not relaxing.

*I typically stretch my relaxers 4 months at a time...so instead of getting a relaxer every 4 months, I will straighten my hair. This will help with any temptations I have to relax again.

I plan to transition for a little over 2 years, but mainly until I can fit my natural hair in a decent size ponytail. 
My first cut will be in April which will be 2 inches.Then I may or may not keep cutting to remain at the same length.
My goal is to fully transition while still maintaining healthy relaxed ends. I don't want thin, stringy, broken ends. NO..No No!

I already have my plan in tact for Year 1....which involves
  • Months 1-6 My hair will be out. Bi-weekly roller sets or Blow-drying on cool air to stretch my hair (Buy a hair steamer as a gift for making it to 6 months) 
  • Months 6-8  Braid my hair up for the summer
  • Months 8-9 Hair will be out
  • Months 9-12- Variations of Twists, cornrows and buns (buy a new cell phone for making it to a year. I bought one before then,because I simply wanted to :-)) 
I'm secretly hoping to grow 1 inch a month so I can cut off my relaxed hair by next year, but if that doesn't happen....then plans for Year 2 will happen in December!

Wish me luck!!!

Disclaimer: This blog is simply a HAIR blog! I will still post relaxed hair tips!! Hey...99% of my hair is RELAXED! So for my relaxed ladies, don't worry...I still have your back!


  1. Good luck on your transition!! I eventually decided to transition to texlaxed, but I'll be following your transition! Looking forward to seeing your progress/journey.

  2. Good Luck chic.. happy new year x


  3. Good luck! I'm glad you will also be continuing with your relaxed hair tips, they've really helped me as I re-start my hair journey :)


  4. You have such great plans, I esp think you straightening at the time you would normally relax is ingenious. Blessings on this new journey!

  5. Thanks Ladies!!!!

    @Jenijen- Good luck on your transition to texlaxed...you're doing great so far!

    @Gemma- :-) I'll be sure to check out your blog and follow your journey!

    @EbonyCPrincess- Thank you! I figured straightening my hair is similar to getting it relaxed except it will eventually revert back to natural.

  6. Good luck on your decision to transition!!! I look forward to cheering you on along the way!

  7. I'm so happy for you. Love how you have it mapped out. I can't wait to follow your transition. I also love textured hair styles more than straight. Well, now I'll get to check out even more cute and creative protective styles on your page. Umm, can I just say that I love your reward system.

  8. @LaQT/Ty- Thank you!!! You are always so supportive!
    lol- I just need an excuse to buy more things!

  9. I can't believe it! Congrats! I remembered when you said most of your readers are natural. I thought, its only a matter of time before she goes natural. And now you are! Have fun! although for me, transitioning was not as fun as actually going natural. Stay strong though.

  10. @Back2Front- Thank you!!! Haha..you were right, it really was a matter of time and I'm def in it for the long haul.
    I'm hoping this will be a stress-free transition! It may not have been fun for you, but the end result was BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks, girl!!!!


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