Wednesday, December 14

How I Henna and Indigo

I had some questions on what I use for my Henna here you go.

I do Henna and Indigo Treatments quarterly and have replaced my Henna Glosses with Amla Treatments which I do weekly.

*Remember to use gloves when applying both henna and indigo

My Henna Mix consists of:
100 G of Karishma Henna
Black Tea(I made it with 4 tea bags and I boiled 3 cups of water.)
1 egg ( only if I need protein but this can be ommitted)
1 tablespoon of oil (I used a mix oil but extra virgin olive oil or castor oil were my staples in the past)
When it comes to how much tea I poured in, I believe it was 2 cups, but I just pour it in very slowly until I get a thick consistency.

*Apply immediately in sections, cover hair with plastic cap then bag and keep in overnight(only because I usually put it in very late)
Not done mixing you can see the clumps, but this is the consistencly I generally like
Rinsed out the next AM
Cleansed scalp with Shea Moisture Shampoo then apply Indigo

Indigo is easier
I just mix 100G of Indigo and warm water from the sink
Once again I pour the water in slowly
I then add like a tspn of salt and mix well
Place Plastic Cap on head
Keep in for 2 hours
Rinse Out thoroughly with just water
Apply my Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Keep DC in for about 2 hours
Rinse Out

My Hair After rinsing out Deep Conditioner..after Indigo Treatment
Not Detangled yet and very much wet 
If you have any questions, let me know!


  1. Im so intrigued with the use of these powders.
    What are the benefits of doing amla treatments?

  2. Hey Shereen-
    Amla makes my hair very soft and strong with-out drying it out. I use that because there is no color change and actually helps bring out my darker hair color.
    Amla is also said to promote hair growth and strengthen your roots.
    So far..I love it.

  3. Sounds great and not complicated at all.

    Can I ask the following:

    - Why do you add salt to the indigo?
    - Does the indigo cover greys well?

    Definitely interested in trying this out, although I do like the henna red colour transfer I get when doing my henna glosses.


  4. Hey Tama-
    It really isn't complicated at all!

    -Salt helps the indigo bind better to the hair and the color fades less in the long run.

    - Yes, I do believe the Indigo will cover grey hair. The henna initially changes the grey hair to an orange/red color then the indigo will do it's job and turn your hair black.
    Just make sure you add some salt, cover all areas of your hair and keep in for a minimum of 2 hours.

    I like the color henna provides..but I just LOVE jet black hair too.

    I tried to comment on your blog post about your relaxer, but blogger is "trippin".
    Your hair came out great and you retained much length. Please keep us posted on the corrective. Hey..hopefully you wont even need one!

  5. Thanks for this info. Think I will try the indigo in the summer. I don't know the last time I had black hair.....if ever! Will be a nice change.

    No worries about leaving the comment, Blogger does that to me all the time. I will defo keep you posted on the corrective (your post on doing one is so helpful!). My hair is alot longer. Will length check and take photos Friday as I will do it on just blowdried hair instead of in it's current state (blow-dried dnd flat-ironed) so as to get an accurate comparison on thickness from my last update.

    Love your blog!

  6. HI
    I have old highlights and am considering doing henna & indigo to get my hair back to black so that I can get senegalese twists. After you dye, is the scalp dyed too? My braids would show my scalp a bit.

    1. Hello!
      As long as you rinse the Indigo out very well, it will not stain your scalp


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