Wednesday, December 14

Sore Scalp

One of my biggest "hair/head" issues since 2007(way before my hair journey) has been having a sore scalp.
I remember getting a wash and set back in 07' and almost crying while my stylist massaged my scalp when shampooing. Yeah, it was that BAD!
To this day...I still have sore scalp issues mostly in my crown area. Now, I don't have any scabs, visible marks, rashes or anything..just a sore scalp! 

I have researched this and tried to figure out the causes.
The list consisted of:

  • Allergic reaction to a product- I usually do spot tests before trying any new I don't think that's it.
  • Fungal Infection- I believe I would have more symptoms than just sore scalp
  • Stress- I'm rarely stressed to tell y'all the truth
  • Growth Spurt- Doubt it..because my hair would be down to my feet by now
  • Rough Combing- I am very gentle with my hair
  • Clogged Pores- I have tried clarifying then applying witch hazel to clean that area..still no luck
  • Dry Scalp- I have oiled that area
  • Rough/Coarse Textured Hair Growing in that Area- The hair on my crown is more coarse than any other area of my head. BUT I sometimes experience sore scalp in other areas
  • Chemical Treatments- I'm starting to believe it could be the relaxer. I usually experience this a week after my relaxer to about 3 months post then it stops. I do base my scalp well and rarely experience burning, but 2007 is when I received a virgin relaxer and the issue has been re-occurring since then.
I haven't been to a Dermatologist (shame on me) yet..but if it is because of Relaxer's...I may need to switch things up MAJORLY because this is an issue I refuse to have for years to come.

Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what have you done to fix it?


  1. I had this "tender"/sore scalp feeling similarly when I texlaxed.

  2. I also have this problem. I usually get these when i do protective styles..I never knew it was dryness. I dont remember getting them when I was relaxed. Im natural now..but the dryness situation makes sense. hmmm *pondering*


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