Tuesday, January 31

5 Styles I Can't Wait to Do......

.....when I'm fully natural!

I have done these with my relaxed hair, but my hair looked so thin!  I know once I'm natural, my twists will look thick and juicy like I want!

Twisted up-do's
I just think these look elegant and are great protective stlyes!

Fluffed out braid-outs
I used to be scared of big hair because being 6 ft tall, I thought I stood out enough! But I am prepared and excited to rock some big a** hair!
I doubt I will do many wash-n-go's because of the horror stories I hear about ssk's. There's a 99% chance I will keep my hair stretched at all times.

This is something I never tried with my relaxed hair. Well actually I have, but it was an oily failed mess.
I will try it again with my relaxed/transitioning hair, but I can't wait to do them as a natural. I can already picture some of the styles in my head.

Slicked back buns
You're probably saying, "You do those all the time, Ms. D". And it's true, I do! lol. But I LOVE the waves my new-growth is currently giving. I CAN NOT WAIT until my new-growth gets longer and longer until I only see waves when I look at the top of my head(in the mirror.)  I presume this will happen by the time I'm 9 months post. But I'll be even more excited when I'm fully natural

* I am not expecting my hair to look exactly like the above photos. My hair will look like MY hair and I'm excited to work with what I have to achieve the styles I desire.


  1. I love to do twist outs on my relaxed hair. What's really funny is that I learned about twist outs from reading a Seventeen mag article about how to make your hair look wavy. The silly 16yr old girl I was didn't think about the fact that my hair will not turn out the same as the blonde with straight hair, but I loved the results regardless and have been doing them since high school. So I accidentally figured out I could get a fro with my relaxed hair.

    Can't wait to see your fluffed out braid-out. Big hair is fun...& good for hiding things lol

    1. I bet your twist-outs look great! I really want to try a twist out on my relaxed hair..I think I will soon.
      LOL..that's funny how you learned. I used to love Seventeen Mag.

      I can't wait to try it. You know I will def post pics when I do!

      LOL- They sure are!

  2. Replies
    1. I plan on transitioning for 2 years. So, I have a loooong way to go!


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