Tuesday, January 31


Properly detangling is the most detrimental part of my hair care routine. It can make or break my progress and I finally found a system that works.
  • I only comb/detangle my hair on wash day.  During the week, I would lightly finger comb if my hair is out.
  • I detangle before shampooing
  • I separate my dry hair in about 10 small-medium sized sections and work with 1 section at a time
  • Spritz hair with detangling spray- I make sure my hair gets fairly damp
  • Start combing from the ends to my roots with seamless wide tooth comb
  • I go over that same section with a medium sized seamless comb
  • Then I add the DC, ponytail that section off then twist my hair
  • I wash hair in those little ponytails and do not remove them until I am about to roller-set.
  • * It takes me about 20-25 minutes to fully detangle my hair.

My "Detangling Spray"

I usually use a bottle this size, 4-5 oz and if I have any left over, I refrigerate.

Seamless Combs

Ponytail Sections

I plan on using this method through-out my transition. This should drastically reduce breakage! 


  1. what does the aloe vera juice do?

  2. @MissAshDG- For me, it melts tangles when mixed with Glycerin. It also helps smooth the cuticle and balances out the pH in your hair.

  3. Perfect timing. I find that this is THE MOST important step in my texlaxed hair. I get tangles like no tomorrow. Do you have any tips for minimizing the tangles during the week? I also only comb my hair on wash days and almost always air dry, but those tangles and knots seem to take on a life of their own during the week :(

  4. @ Anonymous- I used to get tangles during the week when I airdried my hair loose. I now do roller-sets and rarely encounter tangles. If you don't roller-set, I would suggest drying your hair in bantu-knots or about 8 twists.Basically keep your hair stretched at all times.
    Hope that helps.

  5. You are the absolute best.. I just co-washed my hair, did an oil rinse (for the first time which seemed to hep btw).. I'm horrible at roller sets but I'm going to do some twists right now.. Thank you so much. You're my fave hair blogger. I feel like I'm on this journey with you but I'm transitioning from relaxed to texlaxed.. Good luck with your journey :)

  6. aww..thank you! I need to get back to oil rinsing..I bet your hair feels great! Good luck on your transition to texlaxed!!!
    I forgot to mention that you could also blow-dry your hair on cool or warm air to decrease tangles.

  7. I just wanted to know...is that Aloe Vera juice for drinking?...and you turned it into something useful for hair...or its strictly for hair? I want to try the Forever living products Aloe Vera Drinking Gel on my hair as they claim its the closest to the natural thing you can find. Please reply as that would help me a lot.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, that Aloe Vera Juice is for drinking.
      I don't use it for that purpose though, so it's strictly for my hair.
      If the Aloe Vera Gel you are purchasing is used for ingesting..there should be absolutely no issues using it on your hair as well. It most likely has natural ingredients that wouldn't cause any harm to your scalp.

  8. Wow! Thanks a ton for your reply. I'll definitely try it. But I'll use a little at a time cos its EXPENSIVE!! Lol! I've been natural for two years now and counting...still studying and discovering my hair. Had my good and bad hair days but the freedom unbelievable!!! Wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!!! Now I braid with extensions and weavons as options not a compulsion. Believe me that feeling is beyond priceless!!! I love my hair. Thank God for opening my eyes and my heart to its beauty.

    By the way I'm Ogo in Nigeria.

    Thank you and have a blessed week ahead.

    1. You're welcome! It's great to know that you are loving and learning more about your hair. I bet it's beautiful.
      Thanks for stopping by, Ogo!
      Have a blessed week as well!

  9. Now, why didn't I look for this post before?! I was dealing with an obscene amount of tangling and knots even when I was detangling my hair in sections. It's possible I should have been using more than 6 sections and air drying obviously isn't the move. I'm currently in Senegalese twists but when I take these down, I'm going to keep these tips in mind. Thank you!


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