Wednesday, January 25

Safflower Oil for Hair

I purchased Safflower Oil back in December to replace my Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil was a staple in my regimen, ( I mixed it in my DC) but I didn't like the fact that it wasn't easy for me to find and I had to keep it refrigerated. I remembered that Safflower Oil is very rich in ceramides (78%), so I figured it wouldn't hurt...and it didn't. Safflower Oil makes my hair soo soft and it's definitely a keeper! I now use this oil to seal(about 1-2 times a week because I no longer need to seal daily) and I use it when I D.C.  

This 32 oz bottle only cost me about $5.00. :-D

Here are some of the benefits:

Safflower oil is highly rich in polyunsaturated fats, containing 77% linoleic acid (omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)), 10% saturated fats, and 13% oleic acid (omega-9s - monosaturates). It also comprises high levels of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol and phytosterols, and so helps in preventing and treating EFA deficiencies in the body. Safflower oil for hair growth contains high amounts of oleic acid, which is light in texture and penetrates the skin easily. This protects, nourishes, hydrates and firms the hair. Being extremely rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is highly beneficial for dry, color treated or perm hair. When applied to the scalp, it acts as a vasodilator which can dilate the blood vessels, resulting in more nutrients supply to the hair follicles through blood circulation, and a healthy environment for hair regrowth.

Note: I may seem like a product "junkie", but I currently only purchase products as I run out!


  1. I don't need to buy anymore oil as I'm on oil overload, but the details and benefits that you list have me curious to try safflower oil!

    i recently tried grapeseed oil, which is rich in ceramides, but my hair DID NOT like it so I wonder if I would have similar results with Safflower oil? Have you tried grapeseed before - if so do you think it's similar to safflower?

    1. Grapeseed oil is commonly considered not the best for most people especially those with dry skin etc... So that's why your results were bad. Safflower oil is miracle oil for hair and skin. Add some to your hair conditioner in the shower!! It will help lock in the moisture in your hair and also increase blood flow to the scalp which will help with hair growth!

  2. I was considering trying another ceramide rich oil whenever I run out of hemp seed oil too! My Kerapro and Rapunzel Hair Silk oil both have Safflower oil, so I can see how you would love it! And at $5, that's a win!

  3. Adding another oil on my list. The price is great too. From what I know the vasodilator effects could be because of the high levels of vitamin E as it was known to increase circulation.

  4. Now I want to try this!

    But I like almond oil and olive oil.

    At least they don't break me out like *cough* coconut oil *cough*

    Hey you do scalp massages, right? I read on Longhaircommunity about using castor oil/mix on scalp and then doing scalp massages. I've been doing them nearly everyday because they're relaxing (good for headaches) haha, but I think it gave me an increase in growth. I started doing them end of Oct or so and my last length check I feel like I got pretty good growth and retention looking at my pictures.

    I don't know, it could be my head.

    Anyway, I started doing them again the middle of this month so I will see in about 3 months, I may just be retaining well considering I wear twists like 98% of the time.

    We should have a scalp massage for growth challenge!

  5. @FEG- I have tried Grapeseed Oil before and I actually liked it. For me, it worked pretty well as a sealant because it was so light..but maybe to light because I had to constantly re-apply.

    I wouldn't really compare Safflower Oil to Grapeseed oil.
    Safflower Oil is a thicker oil with similar consistency to EVOO but has a silkier feel.
    Maybe when you run out of some oils and you can try it out. If you do..I really hope you like it!

    @EbonyCPrincess- Hemp Seed Oil is great, but I actually like Safflower Oil better. Since some of the products you use already contain it, I think it may work for your hair. If you do try it out..let us know how you feel about it!!

    @Guyanesesista- Thanks for the breakdown! And yes, the price is great. I'm trying to cut down on how much $$ I spend on my hair and I'm pretty sure this bottle will last a while.

    @Alx- I LOVE Almond Oil too! But I use that in a mix for my scalp only.

    Oh man, coconut oil broke you out?! That's too bad! :(

    Yes, I do scalp massages, but not as often as I should. Maybe once a week..or every other week! I know, I'm bad.
    So, you have been seeing an increase in growth? Your hair does seem to be growing like weeds!
    A challenge sounds great!!!! I'm down! :D

    Thanks for the comments Ladies!!:-D

  6. I never tried Safflower Oil! Thanks for sharing this information about it!

  7. I've been using Safflower oil for about 1 month and I love it. I use it as a hair conditioner in the shower and as a daily moisturiser. In the morning I wet my hair with my hands and then apply the oil. It seems to define my curls and leaves my hair soft. The hair on the top of my head tends to be straighter than the rest. I am hoping the oil will help the hair texture become stronger, thicker and curlier.

  8. I used all the oils and safflower is the best for me and my girls I have short hair and just love the shine and my girls have pressed and permed and the press is great it feels like and health perm.

  9. Where can I get safflower oil from? I saw it online at Walmart and they want $98 for a 32 oz bottle. :-(

    1. $98??!?!?! That's crazy! I got mine at a local grocery store. I know they have it at Whole Foods and most grocery stores.

    2. Thanks. I'll check there. They have the Hollywood brand? Can I use any brand Safflower oil?

      You're the best!


    3. You're welcome! They may not have the Hollywood brand, but any brand will suffice. The Hollywood brand I purchased was expeller pressed, but I suggest Cold Pressed to receive the maximum benefits.
      Either one works great for our hair though.


  10. i just bought one five minutes ago for 6 bucks from Albertsons

  11. Be careful! There are two different kinds of safflower oil. One is high in monounsaturated fats and one is high in polyunsaterated fats. The kind you want for your hair is polyunsaturated.


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