Friday, January 27

10 Weeks Down...

.....105 to Go! :-)

This is my new-growth at 10 weeks post. I don't have much in the front because that part grows the slowest.
I say 105 weeks to go because I plan to chop off my relaxed ends on my 28th Birthday. However,  if I have a significant amount of growth, I may BC on my 27th birthday (Next February at 14 months post.).. We'll see.

Most of you know, I typically stretched my relaxer to 16 weeks. So, 10 weeks is nothing to me.
I'm still following the same regimen and using the same products & techniques.
The only difference is that I deep condition on dry hair, I will save my Ayurvedic Treatments to once a month(or less) and I no longer air-dry.  I will only Roller-Set for a while, even after this challenge ends(Thank you EbonyCPrincess for starting it!). I can bang out a roller-set in a half-hour and it takes about 45 minutes for my hair to dry. My wash days start Friday night (because I DC overnight) and end by 10AM on Saturdays. #Winning
I also only spend about 10 minutes on my hair daily!
I have had VERY minimal breakage and detangling is a BREEZE for me!
So good! :-D

Next check in will be at 20 weeks. At that point I will document this transition more frequently.


  1. I'm so glad that i found your blog! I'm also a long-term transitioner :D I'm currently 9 wks post and will be a total of 10 wks post next Wednesday. I already have a full inch of NG (stretched) throughout my whole head! :D

    The first yr of my hair journey (2 yrs ago) i transitioned for a good whole 10 months,but eventually went back to relaxing because i was really wasn't ready for a change.

    But this time i've decided to stop relaxing/texlaxing,period. I'm NEVER putting nor letting that creamy,burning,drying mess come near my head ever again nor am i gonna miss it. I can & will gladly do without the burns,the scabs & the stinky strong chemical odor thankyou lol.

    I plan on long-term transitioning for the next 2-3 yrs. By the time i chop off the rest of my relaxed ends,i really want my natural hair to at least be full CBL unstretched. Man do i have a loooooong way to go haha. I'll be keeping a eye out on your upcoming blogs. Goodluck with your transition :)

  2. :-D I'm glad you found it too!!!
    So, you're in the same boat as me!!

    Girl, I "tried" to transition as well in the first year of my journey 2 years ago, but I only lasted 4

    I never think about relaxing and know I will never go back to it too.

    Please feel free to come by more often and offer or receive tips while transitioning. I'm in it for the long haul!
    Good luck on your transition and thanks for stopping by!!!


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