Thursday, February 9

7 Ways to Use Up Your Oils

Do you have way too many "hair" oils and need to use some up? Here are a few ways you can do so:

1.) Hot Oil Treatment- Warm up the oil on the stove or in microwave, make sure it's not burning hot, then saturate your hair with the Oil. Keep it in for as long as you would like, rinse off and shampoo

2.) Mixed in your Conditioner- Ran out of a "Deep Conditioner" and have no time to go to the store? Pump up your regular conditioner with a table spoon or so of some oil, apply to hair and you now have a great Deep Conditioner

3.) Oil Rinse- Shampoo or Co-wash
Apply Oil of your choice (can be warmed up) all throughout your hair- Leave in for like 3-5 minutes
Rinse with WARM water
Condition Hair
(if needed.. de-tangle, watch how the comb just glides through your hair)
Rinse Conditioner with COOL water
Proceed as normal(towel dry, apply leave-ins, so forth)

4.) Sealing in Moisture- After moisturizing hair, you can use an oil of your choice to seal in the moisture

5.) Scalp Massages- Oil your scalp and get to massaging for at least 5 minutes

6.) Skin Moisturizers- When getting out of the shower, while your body is still damp, apply some oil to your skin

7.) Make Up Remover- If you have super dry skin, oil is a good option to remove your make-up. Dab a little oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe off make up on lids, face, brows and lips. Massage the oil in to loosen dirt and make-up.  Follow-up by washing your face with your normal cleanser.


  1. This was really helpful! :)
    Rebecca x

  2. Great tips. I found out recently that my hair doesn't care for oil rinses or hot oil treatment, but I use all of the other tips.

  3. Great tips. By the way I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  4. I did #2 today (mixed oil w/ cheapie conditioner as a pre-poo)

    I wanna try an oil rinse one day

    great tips!


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