Monday, February 13

Twists on Relaxed Hair- Real Hair

I have been wearing my hair in a braid n' curl for the past 2 weeks..with some bunning in-between, but I wanted a little break.

So, I decided to do some twists again. This time, it only took me about 1.5 hours. It was completely spur of the moment, but I think I will keep them in for about 2 weeks.
It makes getting ready in the morning sooo much easier!

Oil Scalp twice a week
Spritz hair daily with Aloe Vera Mix (Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Oils)
Wrap nightly
That's about it!


  1. An hour and a half?! That's awesome! And they look good on you, girl!

    1. Yeah...I was surprised too. Thanks, Shika!!

  2. I love 'em....!!!! Super quick install (",)

    1. :-)And I love your crochet braids! Sure was!

  3. Wow, these are so cute on you. How do you keep them from unraveling? Is it because of the transitioning textures? I would love to try this in the summer.
    Also, I recently mixed my own aloe vera and rose water spritz, does adding the glycerin make your hair swell? I am mainly in protective styles and low manip., but I will save the glycerin for summer styling.

    1. Thank you!!
      I think because they are primarily in a bun, they just don't unravel like normal. I also sealed the ends with 100% Shea Butter.
      You should try these in the summer! So much better for the edges than braiding or twisting with added hair.
      I need to get some more Rose Water! The glycerin doesn't make my hair just keeps my new-growth and surprisingly relaxed ends really moisturized. I don't put much glycerin in my mix though.
      Thanks for stopping by, girl!

  4. Your hair looks thicker.

    Low maintenance is the way to go.


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