Saturday, February 25

Bad Hair Day

I did a roller-set today, but didn't like the outcome and I had to run a few errands(AKA go shopping).  So I just put my hair in a bun, put on a satin scarf, threw on a beanie and left.

Recently, beanies have been my go-to "hair accessory" when I'm having a bad hair day.
I'm going out tonight and will have to fix my hair up, but this will do for now.

Do you have a go-to style for bad hair days?


  1. Buns, buns, buns!! That beanie is adorable!

  2. Girl, I love my beanies too! I normally do them for fashion and/or to hide a bad hair day too, but GURL I am visiting a friend this wkend in Cleveland and its snowing and cold and windy...I was SO glad I wore my hat to the airport. I cringed just thinkin about the beating my hair would've taken in this weather walking around! I get mine really cheap from my local flea market.

    1. LOL..I'm glad you wore a hat too! Winter weather is soo tough on the hair. I need to stock up on some beanies and hats..I'll check out my local flea market and see if they have some. :-)

  3. I twist my ends up, pin them and go.


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