Friday, February 24

Essence Women in Hollywood Favs

Can I just say that I love how Nicole Ari Parkers cornrows look in this photo?!?!
It's simple, yet so cute! Next time I do some cornrows, I'll be sure to add extra hair or rows so I can make full buns like this!

Viola Davis looks stunning!!! I think she looks 1,000 times better wearing her natural hair opposed to the wigs and weaves we always see her in!
Love it!!!

When I first saw some photos of Traci Ellis Ross' new hair color, I wasn't really feeling it because I was so used to her hair being black. But after seeing these photos...I am loving this color on her.

Which one is your fav?



  1. Wow, they all look stunning. I agree completely about Viola Davis and can I just say that her and Angela Bassette show me what I want to look like after I grow up! Gorgeous ladies.

  2. I want Traci Ellis Ross' dress! I like the new color on her. Viola looks amazing!


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