Wednesday, March 7

2 Months in Review

I can't believe it's March already! I feel like Jan & Feb flew by!
I haven't been that creative when it comes to hair-styling, but I have tried a few different things. is 2 months in review.
*Those who regularly follow my blog have seen these already.*


In January, I didn't do much. Because I had a business trip and other commitments, I did 2 roller-sets to dry my hair and bunned all through-out the weeks.

Combed Out before bunning


In February, I did 2 roller-sets as well, but immediately styled my hair either in a bun or ponytail after.

I won him at Dave n Busters!

I also did some some braid and curls

Twisted my hair

Did a Caruso-Roller Set

And got rid of some split-ends in my hair

What I did NOT do was use direct-heat. I had no desire to straighten my hair and I still don't. Let's see what March and April has to offer!


  1. Nice. I was thrown off by that Stewie pic. You've done more styles than I did during my transition. I was NOT trying to be creative. LOL.

    1. Lol..I thought I would add him in there since I got him in February.
      Your hair still looked FAB through-out your transition!

  2. LOL @ Stewie! How many weeks post are you? That first bun looks so sleek!!

    1. I think in pic I was only about 10 weeks post. I am now 16 weeks post.


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