Friday, March 9

Vitamin E Oil and Sun Protection

I use Vitamin E oil (that has some Coconut Oil in it) as a skin moisturizer. I originally wanted to get rid of dark spots without the use of chemicals and so far it has been working. I have been using it for at least 4 months now and my skin is more smooth and the dark spots are gradually fading. I ALWAYS have to blot my skin after applying it to remove any excess oils.
(even though my skin looks super oily in really is just the Notice how my camera phone pics don't have the same effect)

Because I use an oil as a moisturizer, I don't want to apply anything else to my face afterwards. I know that UV protection is necessary, so I was doing a little research to see if Vitamin E contained some which is does.

During my research, I came across many studies but the below was easiest to understand:

A scientific review done by researchers at Boston University Medical Center examined the basic mechanisms of how vitamin E works on the skin. They concluded that vitamin E used topically and consumed orally can help protect the skin from tumors and act as a barrier against sun damage. (Thiele JJ, Ekanayake-Mudiyanselage S. Mol Aspects Med. 2007 Oct-Dec;28(5-6):646-67.) 

There are also other oils that have Sun Protection, see below.
These will work for those with dark or brown skin.
 Not only is sun protection needed for skin, but it's also good for hair!

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  1. I've used vitamin e cream coupled with sun screen before and lemme tell you it was like fort knox but the vitamin e was clogging my pours. I noticed that when I used sunscreen alone I'd feel the burn of the sun on my skin more than if I also used the vitamin e but for some reason of I went into the sun with the vitamin e alone I'd get a tan. Weird huh? I did read something online about that happening though.

    1. I think getting a tan is unavoidable at times but protection from the actual ultra violet rays is what matters. Many people have stated that oils do clog their pores. For me... Commercial moisturizers clog my pores.
      Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. Great post hun I've done some research on this before too! I would like to find a natural face cream with sun protection but I dont know if thats possible. & thanks for your comment.. x


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