Saturday, April 28

Wash Day in Review

The last time I actually shampooed my hair was on or around April 4th.At that time, I thoroughly detangled, deep conditioned, shampooed then did a ponytail roller-set.

I twisted my hair a week after and rocked them for 2 weeks.While in twists, I would moisturize with my Aloe-Vera Mix (which is PACKED with anti-fungal/cleansing ingredients) and seal my ends with Shea-Butter. I would also rinse my hair/scalp after work-outs.

Last night, it was about that time to take the twists out. Before taking them out, I would spray the length of my hair with the aloe vera mix. I would then finger detangle my hair after removing each twist. Once a large section was removed I:
* sprayed the Aloe-Mix on it again
* detangle with my seamless comb
* apply ORS Replenishing Conditioner,
*then place in ponytails and  twists
*When complete I placed a plastic cap over my hair, then my scarf and DC'd overnight

When I woke up, I shampooed my hair with Shea Moisture-Moisture Retention Shampoo. (I placed about 1 oz of shampoo and water in an applicator bottle and used that to apply to my hair.
I then towel dried with my turbo-twist for about 5-10 minutes

Right out the shower- drying my hair
How my hair looks after shampooing

I then took out each ponytail holder, applied some more Aloe Vera Mix as a leave-in, then sealed with Pure Moroccan/Argan Oil, detangle one more time, then I put the sections in twists to air-dry.

When my hair was about 80% dry, I proceeded to twist using Raw Shea Butter which took me 2.5 hours.
My wash day is finally complete!!

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